Khazar Travel VIP

VIP Airport Service

Khazar Travel VIP Services

VIP Airport Service and Assistance

  • Access of the car to Baku VIP Lounge special parking area;
  • Meeting at the entrance and accompanying the passenger to Baku VIP Lounge;
  • Porter service (allocating the worker to carry the baggage from the entrance of Terminal to baggage package area);
  • Private accompanying the passenger to the check-in desk;
  • Organization of registration of departure, passenger and baggage check-in;
  • Providing flight information and timely invitation the passenger for boarding;
  • Passenger transfer by car from Baku VIP Lounge to boarding point and assistance in carrying a hand baggage from the car up to the aircraft;
  • Fast Track service
  • Offering and assistance with priority seats on the aircraft;
  • Providing of baggage handling;
  • If necessary advising assistance to passenger while filling the customs declaration;
  • Private accompanying the passenger to the point of inspection of Aviation Security, to the Customs check-point and to the Border control post;
  • Accompanying the passenger to Baku VIP Lounge
  • In case of passengers with the restriction of movement allocation the wheelchair and an employee who takes a passenger in a wheelchair from the entrance to Baku V%u02D9P Lounge till boarding point;
  • Interpreter service

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